thursday things :: oxygen…you need room to breathe, people!

This will be a short one…but an important one.  No, I will not be going into the process of photosynthesis and the importance of actual oxygen.  I will say that I did not enjoy learning about that in 9th grade biology (sorry to my biology teacher, Mr. Bull).

We’ve had a pretty packed week here at Magnolia Red…with our site about to be live, 1 EP release, another to come out shortly, a summer tour, etc…  It’s been extremely fun…but also extremely exhausting.  There isn’t a second of time when I’ve thought, “I have nothing to do.”  So, I’ve done as much as I can do because I love being here, love what I’m involved with and want to build into it more.  But, on Monday (after a weekend full of concerts, seminars and festivals), Kent (one of the Magnolia Red partners) emailed about a meeting we had scheduled for the day…asking if we could reschedule to Tuesday and take the day off.  I.thought.I.would.die.from.happiness (sorry for the incessant use of “.”s).  Not because I don’t love what I do (because I really do love it), but the thought of having a full day at home, to do whatever I wanted (which included seeing Step Up 3D with my roommates) and to sleep was the most amazing gift in the world.

Having the space to rest rejuvenated my creativity and energy for work.  And I think that as creative people, it’s extremely important to take the time you need for you, your family and your friends.  My roommates (I now have 3 of them) collectively said that my day off for them was like a scene in Hook.  There’s a moment when the lost boys see Peter again and they say, “Peter! You’re back!”  It had been years since he had been there, and they were overjoyed to be reunited with their friend.  Hopefully it hasn’t been years since my roommates really “saw” me, but with so much going on, it’s been easy for me to be less available, less patient, less joyful about the things I’m doing outside of work.  I’m glad Kent suggested that for all three of us because we needed it, individually and as a company.

As great as it would be to be a touring musician, loving what you do – that will mean nothing if you have no one to come home to.  Or, just as bad, no one at home knows you anymore because you’ve been gone (not just physically, but emotionally) for so long.  So, for you musicians, creatives, people who love your job or just find yourself having to spend so much time working because the addiction is there…take some time to breathe.  Exercise your right to take a half day or full day off from work, go see a ridiculous movie with no plot or character development, sleep for 10 hours, watch reruns of “Freaks and Geeks” (yes, I did all of these things on Monday…) – do whatever it is you want to do outside of your work atmosphere.  You may be surprised by how much you can enjoy the life happening around you.


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  1. Firs a allll…stellar artwork. I really like the conversation bubbles. I also like watching “ridiclis” Icee scenes in Step Up 3(D) with you.

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